Understand the main characteristics of Smilo Wallet in 5 minutes

What is the Smilo Platform?

Smilo Wallet Behind-The-Scenes

  • A user creates a wallet and sign a transaction.
  • Once a transaction is signed, the contents cannot be altered, so is then propagated to the chain.
  • A node is simply a full synchronized Smilo node that has access to the Blockchain
  • Signed transactions will be processed inside the Node Mempool after going through some verification's to make sure they are valid. Validators can then pick the transactions that they prefer from the Mempool.
  • From the Mempool, the next step is the state transition function. The state transition is always implemented equally way across all other nodes.
  • After the state transition the block is processed and sealed. Then the Validator will broadcast the new block to the rest of the network.

Advanced Spam Protection mechanism

1- GAS

The bellow picture shows how much XSP (SmiloPay) a account can have, given its ballance is 31634.9982 and XSM 0.022785949510770 XSP

2 - SmiloPay

For a complete calculation and more details, see smilopay.io


Smilo is a Public Enterprise Blockchain



The latest generation hybrid blockchain platform DAO Cooperative

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