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4 min readFeb 3, 2020


We are super proud to present our latest release of the Smilo Blockchain Platform: The DAO fund protect.

The new release — DAO fund protect

In order to better explain our new release, we are going to quickly review the Smilo Blockchain Architecture and explain what is new.

Smilo Architecture:

It comprises of several components, we are going to explain only the go-smilo client on this post, if you would like to understand more please check the following link Smilo v1.9.2.2 — Smilodon Populator — Autonomous community (GETH 1.9.2):

1. Go-smilo Node (Modified GETH client)

It is designed to be a lightweight blockchain that takes advantage of the R&D and battle-tested Ethereum GETH 1.9.x PoW Blockchain. It is updated regularly such that it is in line with the future GETH releases.

Some of the modifications done to the Smilo node are:

  1. Created a new consensus algorithm and integrated existing ones.
  2. The P2P layer is modified to allow connections to/from specific pre-set nodes.
  3. The block generation logic has been modified to have two states: `public state root` and `private state root`. Private transactions do not allow the transfer of tokens, transfer of tokens privately should be done via ZK Snarks public smart contracts.
  4. Block validation logic changed to handle `private transactions`
  5. The dual token system introduced. XSM (Smilo) and XSP (SmiloPay). Users pay for transactions with XSP and Gas deposit. The gas deposit is returned if all goes well.

2. New feature

Enable Consensus miners to blacklist addresses

We have Introduced a new feature requested by Private Consortium chains that allows Consensus miners to easily block any account transactions temporarily/permanently without having to stop/start a node. This effectively enables the miner to build blocks that contains transactions that are NOT generated by any of the addresses he have setup as blacklisted and and to refuse blocks that contain transactions created by blacklisted accounts.

  1. The TX Pool layer is modified to restrict certain addresses to have transactions submitted to blocks. This feature allows the Consensus Miners to reject transactions created by particular addresses, eg: A consortium using Smilo Enterprise can blacklist accounts, in order to temporarily/permanently freeze stolen funds. This useful feature can also be used to stop DDOS attacks given the addresses can be identified and blocked temporarily/permanently by the Consensus Miners.

Old sources (deprecated):

Because of this changes on our structure, we would like to introduce you to the new tools that we have put online in order to allow our users to be secure and be able to follow us on this new journey as a DAO. — Website — Block explorer — Online wallet — MEW v4 — Source code

New Autonomous Community sources:

Smilo Secure Wallet — Smilo Secure Wallet stores your private keys safely in a local, isolated, and secure vault on your device to protect your account — Online wallet — MEW v5 — Block explorer — Source code — Website — Ubuntu packages for go-smilo blockchain

Acknowledgements / gr33tz

This amazing work, was a result of many months of unpaid research.
Launched on March 8th, 2019, Smilo is a cryptocurrency focused on making permissioned ledgers obsolete.

We believe that everything that can be done in a permissioned blockchain, should be possible also in a public blockchain. We see a future where permissioned ledgers will soon be obsolete.

The Smilo developers want Smilo to be (Open, Public, Border-less, Censorship Resistant and Neutral). Smilo was launched without a premine, ICO, or founders rewards and relies on donations to support the long-term development of the project.

Our unpaid development team have been working hours around the clock to understand, merge, refactor and test existing codebase created and maintained by the GETH developers. We would like to thank all their developers and team for the hard work and excellent code base, full of tests and that is under active development, we love what you are doing s2.

The official list of go-ethereum Authors, without your individual contributions this would never be possible.

Vitalik Buterin, Thank you for your pure approach to blockchain. Thank you for truly caring and calling out the greed and the scams. Keep up the good work!

Smilo’s development is not motivated by profit for either its developers or early adopters. In order to finance the project and guarantee its future, we invite everyone who sees potential to consider donating/investing to the project, and we hope that the vibrant cryptocurrency community will help Smilo to achieve its goal of making permissioned ledgers obsolete.




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