Smilo v1.9.2.3 — Smilodon Populator — DAO fund protect(GETH 1.9.2)

The new release — DAO fund protect

Smilo Architecture:

1. Go-smilo Node (Modified GETH client)

  1. Created a new consensus algorithm and integrated existing ones.
  2. The P2P layer is modified to allow connections to/from specific pre-set nodes.
  3. The block generation logic has been modified to have two states: `public state root` and `private state root`. Private transactions do not allow the transfer of tokens, transfer of tokens privately should be done via ZK Snarks public smart contracts.
  4. Block validation logic changed to handle `private transactions`
  5. The dual token system introduced. XSM (Smilo) and XSP (SmiloPay). Users pay for transactions with XSP and Gas deposit. The gas deposit is returned if all goes well.

2. New feature

  1. The TX Pool layer is modified to restrict certain addresses to have transactions submitted to blocks. This feature allows the Consensus Miners to reject transactions created by particular addresses, eg: A consortium using Smilo Enterprise can blacklist accounts, in order to temporarily/permanently freeze stolen funds. This useful feature can also be used to stop DDOS attacks given the addresses can be identified and blocked temporarily/permanently by the Consensus Miners.

Old sources (deprecated):

New Autonomous Community sources:

Acknowledgements / gr33tz




The latest generation hybrid blockchain platform DAO Cooperative

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Smilo Cooperative

Smilo Cooperative

The latest generation hybrid blockchain platform DAO Cooperative

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